Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amber's no chicken!

now I'm in a new tri companionship......its getting better & better the longer we're together. To be honest we got put with the only girl we really didn't wanna be with. but you know what, This has really strengthened my testimony of not judging (& that was talked about ALOT at conference. The thing is this girl Sister Dodge doesn't have the best reputation here, not many sisters want to be her comp or like her cause they think she is a very negative person & talks alot & is kinda annoying, but yes some of those things are true :) BUT if you are patient & try to understand why they are that way you can get along with ANYONE! We learned that she has had a very hard life growing up & has depression :( well me & peavler will definitely change that! ha ha we are very happy people so she seems to be doing really well. I also learned that i need to not base my judgments on people from what other people say. That's so not fair to other people. Especially being new i didn't know many sisters so the only thing i knew about them came from what other people said. Well i have a completely different view on Sister Dodge now. I actually am OK being her companion & grateful that she is here cause i think its good for our area to have someone new & a new perspective. The Lord definitely knows what he's doing. shes been out 10 months & is from Washington.

Okay so Friday we did the funniest thing!!! We killed chickens!!! Like the whole shebang! Chopped the heads off, plucked them & cut them up into pieces of meat! haha It was so crazy! I attached some pictures. It was a good activity for Easter i think :) haha Also i have some freakin AWESOME NEWS!!!! Elder M. Russell Ballard is coming to my mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet huh!!! We're so stinkin excited! He's coming April 21st & also an Elder Shane Bowen from the seventy will be here too. Yeah we're all pretty stoked & feel pretty lucky! :D

love sister amber ruth heward

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