Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ive been thinking about trials people have in their lives. this is what i came up with. , we are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives to make times that may be hard easier. jack r. christensen talks about it and it totally makes sense the way he puts it. he says in the parable of the wise man and the foolish man that the rain falls on both of them. but its because of the rock, or Christ, that we are able to bear those hard rainstorms or in her case, hurricanes. i just wish some people would accept the gospel more. i wish the ones that know about it would stop being so rebellious and lazy and do their best. because then they complain that life is hard or something happens and they get angry about it or get depressed or something and im just like "does it really matter"? theres a scripture in Alma when Helaman is talking to captain Moroni and he is talking in an epistle and how he doest have any men from Zerahemla and he doesn't know why. he says that they might be going to Moroni or they might be wicked in Zerahemla so they're not getting them but then he says "it mattereth not". that nailed me so bad because sometimes we have a death in the family or sometimes we have someone who is not doing what they should be or you have other things that are just bothering you and then you take a step back and say "it mattereth not" and then everything that DOES matter becomes more apparent and then you focus more on that. just some revelation ive received in the past couple of days. dont worry, every little thing gonna be alright :) . well family thank you for all the wondeful support that you are giving me and thank you mom for updating me on the babies and everything else. i hope you all have a wonderful week. talk to you next monday Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward
Well hello everyone! Wow I can't believe you already heard where I was getting transferred. Haha yep I'm in Ontario and I LOVE it! First off its way warmer so it really feels like California and also it's kinda a farming community so it smells like cows every so often :) reminds me of home. It was really hard to leave but get this....are you ready....yes I am in a trio with sister miles still!!!! Can you believe that!? We were so shocked but way excited! That just doesn't happen very often. I was happy for miles too because she gets really bad anxiety when she has " change" and so she has said that this transfer wasn't as hard because she stayed with me. But I'm pretty sure that next transfer I will be training again cause I only will have2 transfers left cause president pretty much told me that at transfer meeting. Anyway all is good and get this the other sister with us is sister savage and she is from the salt lake temple square mission and originally from Sacramento! Cool huh!? She actually goes back to temple square in 3 weeks which is so dumb. I love her to death. We got along so fast and she is so easy to be comps with. She actually goes home in June, right after me, .. It's been a lot of fun bein in a trio. Oh yeah so get this, we actually set a date with an investigator they have here and the other sisters were telling us how they just can't get him to set a date for so long but he is so ready. Well we had our first lesson with him and we told each other that we will not leave his house without setting a date and planned this really great lesson. So.....the spirit was SOOOO strong and we talked and talked about setting a date and he was still struggling so we got down on our knees right then and he said a prayer about whether getting baptized on the 26th was right for him. Well we got done and asked him again if he would prepare himself to be baptized on the 26th and he said......yes :) can u believe that? Man the spirit was so intense. I love moments like this. So yes this Saturday we have a baptism with a man named frank verdure and man I love the guy even tho I just met him. We still had a few lessons to teach him though so we have spent a lot of time with him. We're so excited for Saturday. Well it sounds like it was a good week for you all and I better go. Oh yea the reason my email was so late today is because today the libraries were closed for Martin Luther king jr day so were emailing at a members home. But anyway I love u guys all so much and hope your week is great! Love sister amber Ruth Howard

Friday, January 11, 2013

Yay for Brooklyn and Caitlyn!!! :) just so you know. Loma texted me the day they were born and told me all the details and everything :). It was the best! She then showed me pics of them....man i was so happy to see them. The wonderful perks of having family in the ward. So im really happy the twins and tori are doing good. The twins have been in my prayers the day i heard they were born. Are they doing better now. Are they home? Send me more pics every time you get them :) I personally think they look like her family more. what do you think? they also look alike but they aren't identical right? Okay so Dave's baptism is this weekend...yippee!!! we're getting really excited and anxious for it. Also transfers are coming up so this is the best way to spend my last weekend here...yes im pretty sure im getting transferred. I have been here almost 9 months and i think it's time to go haha. Also here's some good news....CORY and his boys came to church yesterday!!! :D it was so neat to see them there and it was cool for the bishop and our ward mission leader, brother ratliff and others to meet him. Im just sad i might have to leave soon so i can't keep working with him but it's all good. ALso we weren't able to meet with Ruby and mosi (the mom and daughter) last week. So hopefully this week. i'll let you know. Also the temple on wednesday with all the sisters was incredible!! oh also on Thursday it was ZLC (zone leader conference) and the sister trainers get to go because sisters are "leaders" too haha he just started doing it since i started training and its been great because i feel like an actual leader now and also learn so much at the trainings. 0h and also the best part is spending the whole day with sister winert cause she is training too. haha ALright well im sorry this isn't very long this week but i dont have much time. I have to go cause im getting my hair cut soon....just a trim. So next week i'll let you know how things go with transfers :) I love you all! Have a great week!! Give Brooklyn and Caitlyn a big hug and kiss for me! Love sister amber ruth heward
wow that is so awesome. TWO new babies are already born and there is 2 more on the way right? thats so cool though. im excited to hear all about them in the coming months. so about my comp, hes going home in about a month and he is so ready to go home. he is in denial. honestly, its hard but ive been praying a ton to have charity and it is helping me grow alot. hes an awesome guy though. i love em. but something cool is that on February 19, we;re having 31 new missionaries coming into our mission. that is alot in case you didnt know. we have 8 coming in this next week and then that big influx of 31 the next transfer. its pretty dang intense. im really excited about it though. im excited to have the work move along like crazy. theres nothing more important than the work of the Lord. well family, i really dont have that much to say. im glad you all are doing awesome and im glad you're all holding to the rod and staying on the straight and narrow. we have a baptism this friday. pretty excited. well i hope you all have a great rest of the day or night or whenever you read this. and i hope ya'll have a good week. thank you for all the support you give me everyone. talk to ya next week. Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward