Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Levi's a Trainer

last transfer my comp went down to roseville and my new comp is straight from the MTC haha. yea hes a new missionary so it means that I'm training. its so freakin hard. hes 22 so i don't know what the deal is with getting older missionaries but he thinks because hes older that he knows what missionary work is already and Ive been trying to convince him what it really is. honestly hes kinda annoying..and is random on conversation and he tells me what i need to do and i say okay I'll try harder and then i ask him to think about changing something and he gives me a reason why hes doing it and justifies it. it think its because he waited until he was 22 to go maybe.. well I'm gonna need your prayers more than ever now family because the only way this kid will learn is through the Holy Ghost. well that's the way any of us learn .

oh yeah, conference was so amazing !! and one thing i got out of it is the Holy Ghost told me that Jesus Christ is the Savior by giving me chills.

talk to you later.

love elder heward

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