Monday, April 9, 2012


I have to kinda vent to the other elders a little bit because it’s like working with someone with pride so strong that they think they are never wrong. Ive never met anybody like this before. its kinda crazy how prideful he is. I’m trying to turn every opportunity into a teaching one and trying some other different methods with him and I called president for help and I’m just pushing through it. I’m learning a lot and I love the challenge. President eyring said something along the lines of "bring on the mountain. bring on the challenge" we all have challenges and the funny things is we don’t like them. but if we realize why we have challenges, which is to make us smarter and to strengthen our testimony, it makes them not even hard. it makes them a literal challenge and I get the competitive nature with it and just attack it, Ive been really mentally tired though from thinking about how to help him . It’s funny how Ive never thought about how to help someone be a missionary before and then all the sudden I have to think about it all day every day. Anyways, the work is going though. I keep working and studying and praying. I love the emails and especially the pictures mom. and dad whenever you get the free time (which is like never) another letter wouldn’t hurt one but :) I love unexpected hand written letters. thank you so much for all you do family.
Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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