Tuesday, March 13, 2012


we had a misssion conference and Elder L. Tom Perry came and he talked and i was praying so hard for my comp to hear somthing that will spark him and when we got back he was all excited to go out and to do this and that and i was like holy cow, He does answer prayers haha. it was so crazy. the only thing that changed him was the spirit. its awesome. so this last week was pretty nice. we did work and we had a nice time at church and im starting to get warmed up to how some of the people are in the ward and just working with their sarcasm its funny that we think other people have a problem when most of the time we can just change how we act and it make it fine. us humans are so dumb sometimes.
i am so glad i decided to go on a mission . ive met so many cool people. my comp game me a fijian suva tenga. its spelt differently but thats how it sounds. and its just like a skirt thing that says "fiji islands" on it and it has a british flag on it. its awesome. my testimony is growing each and every day soooo much.
you'll learn something at church and say wow thats cool. and then like a couple weeks later it'll happen again. well that happens every single day. more than once and more than twice and more than like 6 times honestly. ask adam about it. ask kurt about it. ask dad about it. go ahead ask him right now. ask him really quick and then finish the letter.......i can wait haha......welll i love being on a mission
the greatest work ever at the greatest time of my life in the greatest time of the world. thats what elder Perry said haha. love you alltil next week.
love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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