Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Me & sister peavler are staying together this next transfer!!! Words can't explain how happy we are! The thing is that the odds werent on our side at all! They almost ALWAYS separate the trainer & greeny after the 12 week training is over & also peavler told me that this is the longest she has been with a companion so the Lord really answered our prayers of staying together & some of our less actives & investigators prayed for us too :) they didn't want us to leave yet. So yay another transfer together!! :) We literally started screaming & jumping up & down when we found out we were both staying!!!!!!

okay so missionary work haha we had a cool time tracting one day: we were driving & all of a sudden i just yell "we should tract that street!" & i was like WHOA where did that come from haha so peavler goes okay & turns around. So we went & parked our car & as soon as we got there this lady was getting in her car about to leave & when we went up to her she just starts crying & telling us how she is going through some hard times & would love to talk with us so we told her we would come back when she got home. We also met the coolest people EVER! We met a couple families saying they were actually in the process of looking for a religion! SWEET HUH! The spirit really prompted me to tract that street! Also on sunday there was a missionary & peavler almost started crying when we realized it was a farewell cause it brought back all these memories & throughout sacrament i would get teary eyed remembering my day & my talk. it was cool. Also i invited Jen (devons wife) to be baptized but she said no cause she really wants to be solid in the gospel & know FOR SURE that this is true & i think thats a great answer cause she is doing the things necessary to have that strong testimony. She said she is praying about Joseph Smith & also is reading the BoM on her own. I'm so proud of her.& now she is going to relief society with us!! :) Also Pat came again & he has this way of slipping out of sacrament right when the closing prayer is done SOO in sacrament as soon as the prayer was done me & peavler jump out of chairs & jet to the back to catch him & people were like where are you running off too? haha & we ran down the hall to catch him & he hid behind a corner & scared us! haha anyway that was really funny! I really hope he gets baptized this transfer! Well i better go write some people back but have a fabulous week! I'm grateful to be here serving the Lord & im so grateful to have the best family ever that supports & prays for me! BYE!!

-Sister Amber Ruth Heward


sooooo transfers came in and im staying, thank goodness, and my trainer is coming to be my new zone leader! im stoked because this zone is having a problem with being obedient and hes a really obedient missionary. im looking forward to the monthly exchanges haha. we're gonna work our tails off and its gonna be awesome.
so mom just a hint, if you ever want to send me a tie, try to make it a paisley one please :) haha
so this last week we had a dinner with a less active which was crazy to begin with and then her daughter, whos not a member, asked for a blessing and told us that she wants to change her life and she said that she was feeling at peace when we were there and it was completely the spirit though. but about my comp, hes still doing the same. im learning alot from him still but its so hard to get him to work because his policy is "he wants to do it HIS way" which is the exact opposite of humility. anyways, president thinks im changing his life so i'll put my trust in the Lord and in him and know its for the better. keep praying for me please because i need it badly because i know i wont be able to do this on my own. love you all. Elder Levi Bowen Heward