Monday, November 28, 2011

Levi's Post

the day is going awesome!! this morning we read about when Christ came to the Americas and it was so amazing. i recommend reading it with a deep mind.and taking time to ponder .. so we had ANOTHER baptism this Saturday haha. yea so thats 3 in a row for us . i got to do the confirmation again and i loved it. its always a great oppourtunity to be a tool for the spirit. we did go to a members home. our neigbhor is a member and he loaded us up and he gave us alot of leftovers too.

i love all you guys. keep praying for me cuz i can feel them (especially when im riding my bike and im tired).

Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

Amber is in the Field!

Well hello hello everyone!
It's great to finally be in cali! It's so nice & warm here :D I'm serving in the actual San Bernardino area. It covers from Devore down to Muscoy & were in the Hallmark ward which is a new ward that was combined from 2 wards. We are mostly teaching less actives here & honestly i don't know what the heck they're problem is. Why don't they just go to church!! Seriously?? hahah but for real. The last couple days when we have gone to visit less actives they just say theyre lazy & don't really wanna go. What kinda excuse is that?? They know its true & everything but just don't go. We met with a return missionary a couple days ago who just got married & has stopped going to church. A return missionary!!! He said he still reads the bom & prays but just hasn't been going to church very often cause he just doesnt want to. haha it kinda makes me laugh but anyway were gonna try our best to get them to go. Theyre all fun people & me & my companion were just saying the other day how we actually feel at home. its kinda cool. BTW my companion is SOOO AWESOME!! She is the best trainer i could ask for...seriously. We are making each other laugh constantly but really have the spirit within our companionship to get work done. We really think alot alike so it helps in our lessons too. I thank my Heavenly Father for her everyday!! She is from Kemmer, Wyoming & 5'2.....hahah i'm the tallest sister here & she's the shortest!! The best companionship ever!! Well let me tell you about my first door was with this lady named Celia. & I said maybe 2 words :) She wouldn't even let us her house & just stood in her house & talked to us through the screen door. She kept telling us how her food was getting cold that she was eating so i cause that was our que to leave. so we left. There you have it, my first door approach. We also got chased by 5 rotrylers at this one house. That was a little life threatening haha i almost had a heart attack but me & sister Peavler just laugh about it all the time now. Good memories are happening i guess. This mission field really is great & i am loving every minute. I thank you all for your prayers & letters! I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving with family & friends. Mine was wonderful with MANY meals :D Guess i'll write ya next week!

-Sister Amber Ruth Heward

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amber Update

Today Amber flew to California. She loved the MTC and is super excited to serve the people of San Bernardino.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Levi's Post

we baptized another girl this last Saturday and she is loving it also. i got to confirm her and it was a really good experience. i love being an instrument for the holy ghost to use.
sorry my email is a little later than usual cuz we had transfers and we had to pick up a missionary to babysit him haha 'but I wasnt transferred i stayed the same cuz my trainer and i are on the training program but actually we inherited another area so that means we are gonna be super busy now

obedience + sacrifice = blessings and success

Levi Heward

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post from Amber

Hello Everyone! I have one week left & i'm getting so excited to finally be in the field! Things are still going great other then constantly being tired. I did find my solution to getting sleep @ night.....It's called Melatonin. It works miracles!! I'm learning a ton everyday & enjoying every minute of gym time i can get. Life as a missionary is very hard, but i wouldn't be anywere else right now!! I'm grateful to be sharing this joy to others & i hope those Californias are ready for me :) I love my Heavenly Father & all he has blessed me with. Thank you for all your prayers!
Love Sister AMber Ruth Heward

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post from Amber!

YAY! I'm a missionary! It still sounds weird to say it but for the next 18 months my name is Sister Heward & i'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to represent the Lord & His church. The 1st week has definitely been overwhelming & they wast no time on getting us going. The days go drag on & seem so long, but we heard from previous missionaries that days seem like weeks & the weeks seem like days. I can personally say that is true! I've had my good & my bad days & i'll have to say my favorite day so far is Saturday cause we got mail for the 1st time. Not to brag but i think i received the most mail in my District & i have all my wonderful friends & family to thank for that. I can't thank you all enough for the letters i reveived. THey really keep me going, & i'll admit they do make me a little teary eyed but its all good tears. Overall life in the MTC is great! Everyone is so stinking freindly & i have made so many friends for the few days i've been here. I love this gospel with all my heart & i know it to be true with out a doubt. Heavenly Father has proven that to me over & over again with the blessing i receive everyday & the many joys in my life. My family is the biggest joy to me & they're evidence to me that He rally does want me to be happy. how could i not beleive this church to be true with the joy my family gives me? I'm grateful the gospel has been restored & what we like to say here @ the MTC is "IT"S BACK!" This gospel is back & there is no way doubting that. I love you all & that you for your prayers!
-Sister Heward

Monday, November 7, 2011

First letter from Levi

it rained hardcore a couple days ago and it was so awesome. haha but it was really cold. it builds character though, right? haha ive seen so many blessings already and the area is awesome. there's alot of people who wanna accept the gospel. im still getting the jist of things and learning everyday but ive already grown so much. its crazy haha i love being on a mission. someone sent me a good quote once..."try not to be a man (but change it to missionary) of succes, but a man (missionary) of value"

Elder Heward

Letter from the editor...Levi is serving in actual Roseville for his first area.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to Elder & Sister Heward's blog!

Hello friends and family of Levi and Amber Heward! Levi is currently serving in Roseville, CA and Amber is entering the MTC today and will be serving in San Bernadino CA.

Levi's address is
California Roseville Mission
8583 Watt Ave.
Antelope, CA 95843-9117

Amber's MTC address is
MTC Mailbox # 139
CA-SBER 1122
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

and her mission home is
California San Bernardino Mission
8280 Utica Ave Ste 150
Rancho Cucamongo, CA 91730.

Their weekly emails will be posted here on this blog! So check back for their weekly updates.