Monday, January 30, 2012

Levi this last week has been amazing. we interviews with the president and it went so well. he helped me realize that im a leader and he said that he could feel my leadership when i walked into our first meeting and i was like "holy cow " , ive been getting my comp to be more obedient and our whole apartment to be more obedient. It wasnt easy but i knew i could do it with the help of the Lord. im kinda like senior comp even though im not but the president told me he put me in that position because he wanted me to do that so. ive been learning alot though. its so crazy how much we learn by studying and pondering instead of just reading. like thinking about what your studying and cross references and other sources of info. its insane. so the members here are pretty annoying. they think they know how to do everything so they tell us how we should be teaching and question our decisons all the time and i got a little frustrated but its all good now . im having my comp teach me some fijian and im learning how to talk in fijian. its so cool cuz nobody else knows

i'll talk to you next week. Love Elder Levi Bowen heward

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