Tuesday, January 3, 2012


SO this week is transfers & listen to this. Me & my companion are staying but since our ward is a new ward that was combined from 2 other wards there were 2 sets of missionaries covering each side of the previous wards BUT the 2 missionaries were transferred out & the rumor is that we heard from my zone leaders is that they're not sending in 2 missionaries to replace them but were covering both areas on our own now!! CRAZY! we both were pretty shocked & we are kinda nervous about it but it gives us a lot more to do now. We'll see how it works out. Keep me in your prayers :) So let me just say that my piano talent has really come in handy on my mission. A couple days ago the spanish missionaries were looking for somebody to play the piano at their baptism & they called me....that was an interesting experience. It is way different playing the piano for spanish people then english. Then on sunday they were looking for somebody to play the piano in primary & the music lady came looking for me & asked if i would play. I say of course i would & told them it reminds me of when i was home & played for the primary. Well let me just say that this week has been kinda interesting. We kinda had a lot of problems throughout the week but we also had the best numbers we have ever had this week! me & my companion both got sick (but i'm feeling fine now) So those days we didn't get much done & also our car was having problems so we were without a car for a day & then had the zone leaders car for a day,but we totally had a great lesson with Pat!! (He is dennis's neighbor) He would come visit sometimes when we would teach dennis & one day we began talking to him & he had told us that he had just prayed to God asking for some direction & then we showed up. He tells us we just knocked on the wrong door :) I agree with him cause dennis isn't progressing at all but Pat soaks everything in & i'm pretty sure he'll get baptized sooner or later. Well anyway the mission life is going good of course. I always seem to keep a positive attitude through everything & it helps alot.

we need the BOM in our lives DAILY, we need God in our lives DAILY!! In Exodus 16 it talks about the people of Israel & how God had tested their faith by giving them bread everyday. By doing this, the people had their minds towards God everyday & had faith that he would give. It took them awhile because they tested him by trying to store some bread but it just became rotten haha anyway its important to do those things daily to have God in our hearts & mind every single day! not just when we need him most!I love you all so much & i know your prayers for me our being answered! Wish us luck with this other area we are in charge of now! oh & btw today is my 2 MONTH MARK!! WOOT! :D have a good week!
Love Sister Amber Ruth Heward

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