Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Levi's from last week

holy shmoly this week has been insane. so my comp is teaching me alot even though we arent doing as much work as me and my trainer. im still trying to learn from him. he likes missionary work but he wants to do it his own way which sucks but i just make sure he doesnt veer off too far from what the spirit is trying to say. we havent ben having that much success mainly because we dont work crazy hard and just because of the area and people. so all in all its still pretty crazy.One of the good things about it is ive been studying alot lately and ive been learning alot about the prophesys of the BOM and they are so crazy. theyre in 2nd nephi 28 and 29. check them out. so we played basketball on pday and my zone leaders are really good and two of them are pretty good and really big and so when i play i play as a point gaurd and i shoot threes and pass the ball like steve nash its fun. so im on exchanges right now with my MTC companion. its crazy and awesome because i forgot how well we got along and how awesome it would be if we were comps. we would tear it up.....

....well im doing really well and the ward im in is Sutter Buttes ward and there are trees and mountains and the people are cool except theyre kinda racist against my comp a little bit which is ok cuz hes tough and it doesnt get to him. so this member we went to for dinner on sunday ives in a mansion and he has a homemade river around his house and he has jet skis to drive in them and he has a lexus and his house echoes when you talk in it and he has like 5 guitars and theyre all nice and he has a movie room. .it was crazy. anyways, im doing well and thank you so much for writing and updating me. and i pray for you and everyone else. hope you have a really good week. read the BOM. love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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