Tuesday, March 13, 2012


so with the baptisms, jen is getting baptized april 28th! it is kinda far but she picked it all on her own & said she just felt that was the day it needed to be. This
week has been so exciting & happy with her! She just glows & loves talking about her baptism. They are planning it all already & telling HIS family but not HERS yet cause they're not mormon. His family is SOO excited but her family is from the phillipines & they are heading there for 2 weeks on the 23rd of this month. We are REALLY REALLY sad they're leaving us for 2 weeks. WE pretty much see them every other day cause they call us alot to go out to lunch or to just come over & have a little lesson. This week we went & had lunch with them at a real indian food restaurant. Like food from India. It was so good. & then after we went to their house & watched President Monsons biography "On the Lord's Errand" it was way good! Also with Pat & Valerie....Valerie wants to get baptized SOOOO bad but of course she will need her mom's permission cause shes only 11 & that might be hard since it took her mom a YEAR before letting her go back to church. Its a long stupid story but just a couple sundays ago she was able to go! so awesome & shes loving it! & with Pat, he knows its all true but he is really afraid of making a committment & he knows its a completely 360 turn on his life! He was seriously one of those people that was sooo bad! like the worst you can imagine. Part of a big biker gang & part of the secret people in the military haha anyway he is an incredible man so dont get scared or anything. i promise we're being safe. We feel the spirit so strongly when we're with him. Yesterday was actually kinda cool cause in sunday school (he's coming to sunday school now! :D ) we talked about prayer & the teacher said something about how sometimes prayers take a long time to be answered & pat raised his hand & said "well i have to say that also prayers sometimes take 5 minutes to be answered cause when i prayed for guidance on how to repent & be completely clean so i dont end up going to 'hell' i walked out the door to take the trash out & there was sister heward & sister peavler talking to my neighbor!" then the rest is history :) pretty cool huh. he will be baptized but no date yet. Actually just last night we were at his place & we asked him why he hasnt set a date yet & what reasons are holding him back. (We are so chill with him) he just said hes really trying to cut ALL ties with his past life with all the bad things. He doesnt want any connection with it. It think thats pretty cool. anyway i better go & write some other people i love you all & know i am doing the work of the Lord for His TRUE church! have a wonderful week!
Love Sister Amber Ruth Heward

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