Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Levi's Week

this last week was a pretty rough week. i still have my same comp and president has been telling me to hang in there and all and i was praying really hard to have something to help me with this trial that im going through and when we went to church the enitre sacrament meeting was on patience haha. i thought alright, if thats what you want me to do, i'll do it. i took that as my answer so now im doing pretty dang good. its funny, sometimes when were going through trials we think "man im not happy right now. im sad" just because were going through a trial but we are happy. we just have to realize that its all part of HIs plan for us to go through this and realize that we have so much to be happy for and it makes those "bad days" not so bad haha. anyways, im learning alot being with elder rakuita. i love the kid quite a bit. i never knew i would care for him so much bit hes really cool. anyways, i hope your all doing fine and everthing is great
Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

Levi with his family pillow

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