Monday, December 19, 2011

Levi's Post from last week

sooooo my bike wreck haha um i was turning a corner and i turned it too close and my handle clipped a little pole and it turned my tire into a curb and i flew off the front of it and then when i landed my leg was twisted up in my bike and then to top it all off, the back tire came up and hit me in the head. good thing i had a helmet haha. it messed up my leg though. i have some sick bruises
so this last week we taught a guy and i was on exchanges with the zone leader and it was by far the best lesson i have ever had on my mission. the spirit was there so strongly and we said everything we felt that we should say and he said he would love to have us come back and we asked him to be baptized and it was the very first time meeting with him and i really felt genuine love for the guy. im starting to realize the saying "love the people". it makes it easier to talk to strangers by the way when you wanna bless their life with the gospel. oh and just so you know, i am talking to people ive never meet before so im gonna be really wierd when i get back. Just warning you.
The church is true. I love to the Book of Mormon.
write you all later
Love, Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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