Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Levi Dec 19th

We went to a less active ladys house and she had a realllllllly realllly reallly hard time forgiving herself and i felt the spirit soooooo strong and it said to me pretty much "just start talking" so i did and i started crying and bearing testimony and telling her that its satan that tries to get us to feel like we're not good enough and i told her how i didnt feel adequate to go on a mission because of all the stupid stuff ive done. but it was really really spiritual. i love it. i also read the BOM ensign and i read the talk and testimony of Ezra taft Benson and it was by far the best thing ive read in an ensign. it helped me realize how important the BOM is. i knew it was important before but i didnt know how central it was to this entire church. its the everything. it determines our salvation basically. testament in greek means covenant so when it says another testamen of jesus christ on the front, its saying another covenant that christ has given to us that we must fufill. i always thought that you can read every so often and youll be fine but no, its evey single fricken day. never ever ever miss. if we will study it everyday and really study instead of just read then everything that happens in our life will just work. everything else will fall into place. if were having trouble, read the BOM, if were having a good time, read the BOM. Read the BOM every single day and a completely different spirit will enter not only in our lives but the lives of who we associate with, like family. do family scripture study and we wont fight anymore and eveybody will love each other. its that simple. i just cant believe i didnt understand that before haha. but anyways, we just started teaching a iranian lady who has two younger daughters who are members and she already knows the BOM is true so its just a matter of time. she started bearing testimony to us about the BOM and she started balling and all she could get out was "im so so happy" and then i said "i think we're good here. can we end in a prayer?" it was so amazing. but anyways again i hope everything is going well with all of you. well i love you all and thank you for everything. Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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  1. He's Changing all the time! I love reading it. he said Book of Mormon & " Fricken" in the same sentence LOL. he really loves missionary work, my goodness.... he's sure happy :)