Monday, December 19, 2011

Amber's last week post

This week has actually been a very good week! We are starting to really get to know people & have some new investigators too! So i did get to go to a baptism in Apple Valley on Friday cause there was somebody getting baptized that sister peavler taught there before she got transferred. It was really cool to get to see. It made me alot more motivated to get out & tell people to get baptized. The spirit was so strong & i was once again confirmed through the spirit that this church is true! So we also went to this mans house yesterday who is a less active (of course) & we were just talking for a little while then i asked him so why have you stopped going to church & he explained how he has to work now every sunday but is a massage therapist so he gets to choose his days he works & has monday & tuesday off! He then went on explaining how he believes the only thing that matters is his relationship with heavenly father & thats it. uhhhh what??? yes thats important but how do you strengthen the relationship to him & how do you show your faith & love for him? Anyway he started saying how he has so many people come in for massages that are different religions & he talks with them alot about their church, like jehovah witnesses & catholics (there are a ton of catholics).I then asked him so is there anything else that would really be stopping you from going to church other then your job? He went on saying well yes kinda with joseph & all and then changed the subject by talking about another church he learned about! I was so frustrated cause i wasn't there to learn about other churches but to figure out why he stopped going. I really think he has a problem with joseph smith being a prophet & thats HUGE cause if he doesnt believe that, then he doesnt believe in the BoM & then he doesn't believe in this church. Sister peavler did bear her testimony on joseph smith & i could feel the spirit so strongly but his reply to that was "well theres alot you could say to that statement" then began talking about the jehovah witness's prophet moses. I was kinda frustrated but it was a good convo. Very friendly man & we will go back with a member who is genius with the bible. haha Well today is the sisters activity at the mission home with sister godwin. It should be fun

To become like Jesus Christ & our Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ IS the savior of the world & i KNOW that to be true. He showed the greatest amount of charity towards EVERYONE through the atonement. I heard that "Charity is the atonement acting within ourselves" & that is true. Like it says in Moroni 7:46 That we are NOTHING without charity & when we have charity we will never fail (summarized) Thats how big charity is! It is how we become most like our Savior becuase charity is the pure love of christ.
Love , Sister Amber Ruth Heward

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