Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amber Dec 19th

Yesterday was a really great day & heres why. The primary pres told the 4 missionaries in the ward to go to primary & we werent sure why. so we got there & they had us all sit in the front then they begin bringing out 4 REALLY BIG bags full of gifts! one for each of us! i couldnt believe it. so the primary pres then said "Since the missionaries can't be at home with their families on christmas we want to help make their christmas great" So the ward all got together & got gifts for all of us & wrapped them all. It was the nicest thing ever! So the whole primary just watched us as we opened each gift! It was all things we missionaries....haha like nylons, food, paper, pens!!! hahah it was awesome & it made my day. I think every ward should do that to their missionaries! okay so the work this week has really improved! We have 3 new investigators!! YES THREE!! haha its awesome! i hope they keep progressing! one lady we just met saturday (Maria) has 13 kids!!! ughhh thats alot. We began telling her who we were & invited her to church. She was really excited & said she really wanted to come. She then began telling us how much she loves jesus & had such a stong testimony. "She should be mormon" Thats me & sister peavlers common phrase we say whenever we meet people. They totally seem like normal mormon people but they arent there yet ahaha. but they will soon :D We also have a man Dennis,i might have talked about before,(oh yeah the one that said hes okay with every religion but mormons haah) but hes really struggling with things. Hes about to lose his house in about a month & a half & we have been teaching him. He seems to really beliking it but the thing hes struggling with is joseph smith! WHY!!! haha joseph smith is TRUE!! i promise! haah thats what i want to say to them. but they need more proof & everything in the bible cause he was confused why it doesnt say anything in the bible about this coming to pass.ughh itscalled faith my brother! Well we have invited him to church a couple times & he isn't sure he can cause he doesnt work much except the weekends & he really needs money.We have promised him blessings over & over if he goes to church. Guess we'll just see. Patience is a huge part of missionary work let me tell ya. oh yeah so tell kyle & kurt that i met a man named Daniel who works for West Coast Customs & they are the poeple that do the shows Pimp My Ride & Trick My Truck!! We had dinner at his house & guess JUST GUESS who he had just spent all day with????? JUSTIN BIEBER!! Not kidding! I totally flipped out! haha The other missionaries & people at the house were laughing & making fun of me. I coulnd't beleive it though. He showed me pics of the TWO cars he was making for Bieber! They were sweet! ANyways that waspretty exciting haha. oh yeah so also this less active,Devin, who i think i talked about before. He had went on a mission & said he was just lazy now.Well he has gone to church with his wife the last 2 sundays!!!!! NOT KIDDING!! we were so excited.& also his wife isn't a member & so were hoping to start teaching her! Ilove you all somuch!!!!
-Love Sister Amber Ruth Heward

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