Wednesday, April 17, 2013

so as you know (from texting aunt gail) haha we went to the temple today and it was wonderful!! Also on saturday i got to see kellie (peavler) johnson!! Words can't explain how excited we both were. it was one of those things where we didn't know what to say but just screamed alot and hugged each other for a long time but then the ward started coming and we barely had any time to talk to eachother. haha towards the end we were saying to eachother how sad we didn't really get to hang out and visit but it was still fun to see so many people. And she also said that her and cameron are planning on coming to my farewell AND also devon and jen =) haha they actually asked me if they could all stay at my house.......uhhh i told them yes but of course i'll need to talk to the head of the house. haha They said they would be willing to sleep wherever of course. Devon just kept saying how he just loved being at the farm and being with my family and jen loves you mom. They absolutely LOVE you guys. haha. Anyway it'll be a full house im sure. I can sleep on the tramp if i have to......hahahahah and kyle you can sleep with me ;) Also before i forget, dad i have some questions for you from Frank, my recent convert. He was asking about cows and he was wondering if there was a certain number of calves a cow can have or does it just depend on the cow and you try to have them have as many calves as possible? also what do you do with the cow when they can't have calves anymore? Do you just butcher it? Also here's some big news.....we set a baptism date with Edna!!!!!!!!!!!! halleluja!! She is so incredible and she keeps saying how she has changed so much and can't believe she likes the mormon church so much. About a month ago she would never be saying the things she's saying now. She actually told us the other day though that she is still really scared to leave the catholic behind but knows so deeply by the way she feels that she's supposed to be mormon. It's hard to hear that but we told her that not all good decisions are meant to be easy but they are scary sometimes but we need to make her understand that we are only adding happiness and blessings to what she already believes and loves. She'll come around. But we set a date for april 27th but i think it'll be moved back cause i don't think we'll have enough time to teach her all the lessons. We have to teach them ALL again cause we she was being taught them before she was WAY closed off and didn't care to learn at all (very prideful) so we taught her the restoration yesterday and it went awesome! Her 2 daughters also sat in and their son-in-law and one daughter was asking question after question. i love her! and she kept saying "so i just think it would be good to learn about mormons but i don't think i'll ever change" and then edna goes "that's exactly what i said and look where i am now!" haha and also we were talking to the son-in-law and he was saying how his grandma had died and that's when he stopped believing in religion so i bared my testimony on how our church is centered on families and that we believe families are meant to last FOREVER and we are blessed to have a knowledge of what happens after this life and that WE WILL see our loved ones again. And then the daughter began telling us how that is the only thing she has really questioned in her life, "if there really is life after death" We told her we can teach her how we KNOW that there is and it's because we have prophets who give us modern revelation and also the AMAZING BOM that gives us more knowledge on doctrine. it was such an incredible lesson. I'm so excited for the whole family! Well i have to hurry and go email some more people but i'll be emailing you soon again on monday! I love you all have a great week! love sister amber ruth heward pics: of the temple, a sunburn i got....on my neck, and also my funny 17th month mark pic...

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