Monday, March 11, 2013

FAmily! . So Wow! it sounds like an awesome week! I was a little bummed about state when i heard cause i had full confidence they could do it but it's fine kyle. You still have 2 more years. Just think how much better you all will be by then. And i'll get to be there!!!!!!!!! :) That's so fun you all got to be together with the twins and shay and kira and everyone!! ok so kyle i just have to say "dude YOU DA MAN" for fasting for your friend! Fasting is incredibly powerful. So i was pretty impressed when i heard that. Way to go man. I know for a fact that the Lord is aware of that and things will happen the way they are supposed to. You can have confidence in that....even if it doesn't go the way people would like. There is more strength in the spirit to trust the Lord when you fast. ps I really really do LOVE my comp!!! For real she is so awesome!! I feel like i can be my complete self with her and that's what i love most about getting companions! Cause then i teach investigators and people very calmly and it flows easier. Sister miles was kinda like an old soul in a young body. haha She is awesome dont get me wrong but im more of a go with the flow and enjoy the ride kinda person. That's how sister ott is. We had the funniest thing happen a few days ago. We went to try and visit this man but he wasn't home so we decided to tract a street that was right by the street and when we drove up we noticed some j-dubs (jehovah witnesses) were about to tract that street so we went to the next one over. We hurried and started tracting knowing they would be over to this street sooner or later. Well we were knocking and NOBODY was answering so we decided to turn around and do the houses on the other side but THEN we noticed the j-dubs coming around the corner and there up ahead of us was a man walking to his truck and we were like "we totally HAVE to talk to him" so we sped up our pace and noticed the j-dubs had the same thought. So i just kept focused walking to this man 'NO BACKING DOWN!' haha and then sister ott decided to smile and wave at them haahahah so the lead j-dub man waved back and we all kept walking towards this man. This poor man looked terrified like this war between j-dubs and mormons. Well guess who won............of course we did :D we got to the man and started talking to him but sadly he didn't speak english. hahah it was a bummer but we felt accomplished we had beat the j-dubs. Thats prolly not the best attitude but it gave us a good laugh. So we have this lady Rita Dean that we are teaching and we actually set a baptism date with her on technically the FIRST lesson. The first time we met was just a get to know you and brief introduction, but It was insane. I couldn't believe she actually said yes. I just hope she is serious about all of it and there isn't any other motives. We'll see how things go. She even came to church before we even taught her the first lesson. But anyway she is hilarious and so funny. She is this southern black baptist lady. She cracks us up. Have a wonderful week! I love you all! This church is soooooooo true!! Love sister amber ruth heward the one with the food is today we mad german pancakes and cookies :)_

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