Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas From Sister Heward

OKay so let me quickly tell you about some awesome stuff that happened this week (i know this email is long) First of the little boy's baptism is still on for the 28th.....REALLY EXCITED! ALso we should have another baptism date set with Dave. We just had dinner at their house on Friday and had planned on a lesson after dinner but dinner went later then planned so we just hung out and talked for awhile. It was actually really good and i think needed. He expressed to us how much he really has appreciated us coming over and the different feeling he feels when we are there :) spirit? Then he said that he has thought more about the pre-earth life and has decided that it really just 'makes sense' and that he knows we are knowledgeable people and speak truth......first off the spirit is really helping us cause knowledgeable people??? haha whatever. but he also said he thought more about baptism and even though he has been taught his whole life that we only need to be baptized once that maybe it would be good to just 'start new' again and have a clean slate. I thought that was pretty cool he said that but we still need to teach him about the priesthood and that we must be baptized by the correct authority. ANyway they also came to the ward christmas party and found out someone in our ward works with him so thats always good to find connections within the ward for fellowshipping. Okay so now we had a miracle this week where we now have a new family of 3 that we are teaching. the mom tracy and her 2 daughters bailee (11) and charlee (8). the dad wasn't there but they do have one so hopefully we meet him. They are such a cute family and really seem very ready for the gospel. The mom has a friend that is a member and also her mom's best friend is a member so she has heard of us but no really familiar with everything. They aren't going to church right now but in the process of looking. We are so excited to start teaching them. Man i was just blown away after meeting with them for the first time seeing how ready and prepared they are. Well i think this email is long enough so i better go but im looking forward to talking with you all soon too!! woohoo for oovoo! haha Love Sister AMber RUth Heward oh ps the pic of me holding the cookies is when we went around with our ward missionary leader and took cookies and cards to less actives and members. It was soo fun and reminded me of home :) It was his idea though so i told him how much it meant to me that he had come up with this idea. It made me really happy.

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