Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas from Elder Heward

so yes i did get transfered back to roseville actually. im in the singles ward now as a zone leader in roseville. we actually cover 2 wards. a family ward and then the YSA ward. its so much church. i love it. we have meetings and church from 8:30 to 4:30 on sunday. its so intense. we just forget about lunch because we're so busy. my new comp is elder cox. he does parcore and he reminds me of kade. im always trying my hardest to do my best but of course, i fail everyday. so we are both trying our best to do our best. the problem is that we are both competitive. its a good combo though. he goes home in february though. so only 3 months we'll be together. so i have a question ya gotta ask everybody. if they were ever the Assistant to the President, or AP. ask all the brothers that. well this last week was probably the busiest week of my entire mission. i had to go from corning to roseville (about 2 hours) from 8 to 10. when i got there we had to wait for the leaving missionaries ride to get here. when it got here, we went and talked to people in the walmart parking lot with the brand new missionaries for their first night in the mission field. the next day we had to drive a few missionaries around because president had some difficulty pairing missionaries up that neither of them could drive. and then the next day we had to have a couple meetings with the missionaries. and then on friday we had to go to gridley (about an hour away) and meet with all the other zone leaders and with president weston and recieve some instruction. then on saturday we actually had some time to do some stuff. it was so crazy though. its wierd to be back in roseville though. i remember when elder coburn and i would bike all over the place. we worked hard here. also, one of the missionaries in 1st ward (the ward i started in) is brand new so i'll be going on exchanges with him. so i'll be able to go see my recent converts and the other people that i know. its gonna be awesome. well im glad to hear that grandpas funeral went awesome. ya know, i cant believe how easy it was to deal with that trial. if i had been lazy and not studying and praying and doing what i was supposed to be doing then i think i would have been devestated hearing about his death. but when we do the right thing then we have more understanding of the plan and we can take those hard trials. it was a learing experience for me though. well family thank you for all you do and all the support you give me. i hope yall have a good week. tear it up in basketball kyle. show em the way they need to be playing. take it all the way to the "ship" (championship). have a great week. talk to yall next week. Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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