Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey! Well here's he jyst on what happened....i'll just get right to it. haha okay so we had actually just come from the denkers home for dinner and as we were walking up to the door i was using our phone for a light to see the the door and all so we could unlock the door well i got there before my comp and as soon as i shined the light on the door i saw it cracked open and the whole door jam was busted open. I totally flipped right away and just turned around and ran and my comp was like whats wrong cause i had just ran right past her haha i said "our house has been broken into! the door is all busted!" she was like "get into the car!" so we just drove away and i was like now what? and i instantly thought of chris and told him what i had seen. I told him it could be a mistake cause i saw it so fast and maybe i just saw something that wasn't there but the point was i was really scarred and didn't wanna go back. So he was like okay ill come over right now and check it out. So he did and he was like "yep its been broken into so you need to get in the car and drive down the street a little ways and we'll come get ya in a little bit. He took complete charge and called the police and all. Ya i was pretty scared but it was nice having chris there. The lady we live with got a few things stolen but eventually got them back and me and sister miles didn't have anything stolen. The chris offered his home and now thats where we're at. Its actually been pretty fun haha. They're so funny and i actually feel like im at home now. Last night we were down in the kitchen hanging out and talking to ethan and riley for awhile before we went to bed and they totally remind me of kyle. It was kinda weird but fun. Then they went and played the xbox haha (halo 4 by the way kyle......yep riley just bought it) and we went to bed. Anyway mom im SAFE and sorry but we do have to still live in our home because honestly this place is not safe wherever you are. Its just the way san bernardino county is.....sorry. If you haven't found out yet san bernardino county is one of the most unsafe counties in the U.S. just fyi. haha i know that doesnt help BUT always remember we have the best security ever....THE LORD!!! He will protect us i promise. Nothing can stop the work of the lord. Not even some stupid 15 and 17 year old boys who rob houses. You can call president if you want and that'll make you feel better but he'll probably say the same thing. We're still living here :( Ok so this week,other then the break in, was pretty good! So i did tell you about David in my last letter and so we had an appt with him yesterday and he is totally reading the bom! So cool! He was saying how he likes how straight forward and simple it is. and then we watched the restoration video and dicussed that for awhile. He is really coming around FAST. Im pretty sure he'll be baptized before HE knows it. haha then the wife will start coming back and they will be SEALED! anyway also we're still having alot of success with the less actives always remember monson's motto of TO THE RESCUE. Something he said to his apostles in a meeting once (our stake president was at our ward yesterday and was telling us) he said "NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER give up on the less actives" I will never forget that. He said 'never' FOUR times. That has to mean something if it came from the a prophet. People really can change. They just need the constant support and when THEY are ready they will be back. Oh also i did some family history this week.....i actually had alot of fun! I have a whole fan chart of my ancestors. Not sure if you've heard of it but you can go to and they make a cool looking pedigree chart. haha anyway today is sisters exchange and im going to rancho so if that makes you feel any better at all i'll be in rancho till wedneday. well i better go cause my comp needs to get on but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! also tell grandpa i love him a ton and miss him too. :) This work is GREAT!!!! the CHURCH is oh so very true. Everything proves it is. Everyday it becomes more clearer to me. Have a wonderful week and thanks for all the prayers. Believe me they work......they keep me safe and i feel the Lord's hand in my life everyday. Love Sister Amber Ruth Heward

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