Monday, November 12, 2012

we were teaching a less active the other day and she basically asked how we get through trials and i said when we have more light its easier to get through trials. when we have more understanding its easier to get through the big trials. jack r. christensen said that. my comps uncle is jack r. christensen. kinda cool. but when we have a knowledge of the plan and what gods will is for us then everything makes sense and we dont focus on the view that us humans focus on sometimes, which is whats happening here and going on here with us right now. instead we focus on the whole view and realize, for example, that grandpa doesnt want to have his life extended becasue he is suffering and he proabably knows that when he dies he'll be able to have rest. in jack r. christensens talk, The Mortal Christ, he says that when joseph smith was killed and hyrum and later his brother samuel after a month, lucy mack smith was just crying hysterically over there bodies and the whole family was there and she prayed "my god, my god, why hast thou forsaken this family?" then the lord responds with basically dont worry and that he has taken them unto himself so they can have rest. then he focuses on joseph finally having rest and that they have had to "work" from the time joseph came out of the grove and said that he saw the father and the son. so my point is, when grandpa dies, which he might do soon, dont worry, he has worked so hard its not even funny. he deserves to have a rest from his mortal life. he will return to god and he will be so much happier (alma 40:11). then use it as an oppourtunity to spread the gospel. when people that arent members come to his funeral, talk about the plan of salvation and teach people where he is at and what will happen to all of us. then testify to them that the only way we can have lasting peace in this life and the life to come is through having the understanding of the plan and obeying gods commandments. done. so this week was good. i was able to work well with other missionaries in my district and help them with whatever they need. we have zone conference tomorrow and it should be pretty sweet. so i asked my president this last week about my spiritual gifts and how i can develop the ones i have and the ones i want to have and he basically read back to me my patriarchal blessing. it was so cool. it was a testimony that those that preside over us truly can recieve inspiration for us and help guide us in our live. when was the last time you and dad asked bishop to know about your spiritual gifts? you should try it. anyways, we're gonna go sledding today for pday activity in lassen national park. yea sledding in california. now ive been to the beach, mountains, and city in california. well family thank you for all you do for me and the wonderful cookies you sent mom. those are good. i eat them with the whole milk :) i look forward to the other package. Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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