Wednesday, May 2, 2012

so this last week was amazing. elder allred and i had a baptism of 11 year old twins. a boy and a girl. they are so awesome. i cant describe how excited they were to get baptized and to do everything. it made me more excited about life every time i saw them excited. their mom was less active but now shes active so everything in that case is going awseome. so about the teaching thing, we're finding a few good people. a lady that we've known for a few weeks has a few problems and we were trying to address that and then just yesterday we found out that she belives in the trinity still and that she is prideful about the gospel. i couldnt believe it because shes not smart at all. i just dont know how the heck we're gonna do this one. i know we can but i just dont know if shes gonna use her agency correctly and its gonna be a while. we found a mom with two children, 22 and 26 and they said they'd come to church but they didnt. the usual. but this last week was the best week in this area as long as ive been here for 4 months. the reason why is becasue of your letter dad. when i read the part about you and your trainer and how he worked the crap outta you and then you said to just work his butt of and see what hes made off just wanted me to work 24/7 without any sleep. i worked so hard this last week with him and thats why this was the best week. we did so much work and taught so many people and have just been tearing it up and its all because of your letter dad. so thank you so much for giving me that advice. if i ever train again then i'll be sure to take that advice into effect way before 4 weeks. i hope you all have and amazing week in cold burley idaho when im soaking up all the 90 degree sun rays hehe. love everyone of you. Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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