Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grandma & what am i going to do about them...hahah those 2 little stinkers surprising me. wow! haha i was in a meeting & came out of the door & right around the corner they were sitting there on the couch. (i'll attach a pic) it was so funny. Grandma started crying of course. & the coolest thing was that they could meet so many peopel in the ward (especially Devon & jen) Jen was actually getting confirmed that day so it was neat she was there. They were hilarious though & of course everybody was just telling them how much they like me & i was like THATS ENOUGH! stop it! haha The ward is so incredibly awesome! I hope to never leave..haha yeah right. They left after sunday school & after they walked out the door one of the elders that is in the singles ward that im really good friends with saw them & asked who they were & i said my grandparents & hes like "i wanna meet them!" haha so we ran out real quick & introduced him to them. Grandma was crying cause she wasnt wanting to leave....It was fun! though for people to meet some of my family.  okay so now about the higlight this week........JEN'S BAPTISM!!!! couldnt have gone better! Okay you know how i cried the second i stood up to the pulpit for my farewell talk & then cried the WHOLE time?? well thats pretty much how it went. I cried the second devon started saying the prayer for her baptism & then i was in charge of showing a video while Peavler was in the dressing room with Jen & i introduced the video through my tears then bore my testimony after & i seriously couldnt talk cause i was crying so much. It was kinda embarrassing cause i was pretty much bawling haha but man the spirit was HUMUNGOUS there! :) Gosh this church is without a doubt TRUE!!!!!!!!! In my testimony i joked about how this baptism pretty much makes everything worth going on a mission & if i went home right now i would be perfectly fine haha then i thought 'Wait! no i want many more of these moments' haha Also Jen recorded Me & peavler singing so ill try to find a way to get that to you. OH YEAH i have some other good news!!! We have another baptism with a girl, Joua Yang, for May 26th!!! :D :D we taught her 3 lessons and on the 3rd lesson she set a date. So cool! She is such a cutie & we have so much fun with her & her boyfriend, Johnny, who is a member & introduced her to the church.Well family things couldnt be goin better right now & i love you all way way way WAYYYYY alot!!!!!Well have a wonderful week everyone! Keep being the awesome family you all are! 
Love Sister Amber Ruth Heward   

Enjoy the pics. That cake was made by someone in the ward for Jen's baptism. Its so cool! 

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