Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello Family!
So mom i got the package of the first aid kits and also the either guessing that Levi needed you to send him something so you sent me something too or you just really felt that i needed some first aid kits :) haha either way it was nice. Funny story with that actually, i put the cookies in a bowl then dumped milk over them and ate it like cereal (like we normally do) and my comp, sister savage, was in shock. She was like "uh what are you doing?!" hahah it was hilarious! i said "its called cookie cereal :) just like when you dip cookies in milk but i just pour the milk over it" anyway it was pretty funny to see her reaction. So this last sunday me and sister miles sang in sacrament again and sister savage played the piano for us. We sang "in Quiet Grove" again. But poor sister savage had the air conditioning going on where the piano was so her piano music was flying everywhere while we were singing and poeple sitting up on the stand were trying to help her keep putting the sheets back on the piano but she did awesome and kept going and didn't mess up at all. The spirit was definitely still strong in the room even through it all though. haha this young woman came up to me later and was like "you guys did such an awesome job that i started crying and my mom started asking me why i was crying and i told her i dont know i just am" ahahah i was laughing so hard when she told me. I told her "thats the spirit my friend" This little young woman is now learning what the spirit is. The spirit testified to her that the words we were singing were true. Music a such a spiritually powerful tool. OH YEAH!! so get this, my new ward mission leaders name is brother Clark. NOw think of the singer's name Jesse CLARK Funk that we love so much..... so on saturday we were at his house and he asks us if we listen to EFY music and we all said yes then he asks "do you know Jesse Clark Funk?" and i was like "YES I LOVE HER SO MUCH!" then he says "THATS MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" can you believe that?!?!? i seriously freaked out so much! i kept asking him if he was joking and i started telling him how much i love her and her music! he was just laughing so hard at me cause i was freaking out so much then he said he was serious and showed us some pics from his wedding of his family and YEP there she was. I couldn't believe it! Maybe one day i can meet her....who knows!! :D :D but mom i did tell him that me and you emailed her one time asking her if she had piano music for her songs and if she would do a fireside for us a long time ago hahah he was like "oh yeah she does firesides, did she do it?" i told him no but wow i was so in shock! My ward mission leader is the brother of jesse clark funk! hahah SO this week was really good. We actually are trying to get more investigators cause we're low on those so that takes so much stinking time but the people we do have are good. rachel (the excommunicated one) is progressing SO MUCH! in our last lesson she told us that she has decided to read the whole bom from beginning and end because she wants to gain a testimony of the book on her own. SHe has been taught the lessons over and over and so thats what she wants to do now and have us meet each week with her to go over what shes read. Im so excited and happy for her. Its even harder for people like her to come back then it is for random investigators hearing the truth for the first time. She is so strong. She is really gaining a strong testimony of the atonement and how real it actually is. We also have a challenge on our hands...her name is Edna. SHe is the wife of Philip who is a member but has be less active for a long time. Philip wants to come back and is very passionate about it but edna is so stubborn and so prideful and she knows it too. She is "catholic" but doesn't practice. Lamest thing ever but almost every catholic is like that. She said she is only meeting with us and going to church with phil because she wants to do it for her husband. We told her she needs to find out for herself if this is what she wants to do, and talked about the importance of reading the bom to find out if our church is true. After a long talk she said she would do it but i know Satan is working intensly hard on her. Well i better go.... oh and here's a link to watch Watch the mormon message "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" and also "We're still a family". THey are incredible! Love you all! HAve a great week! Love Sister Amber Ruth Heward enjoy the pics of me with the cows and also of my zone after we had a flour fight.

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