Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ok so here's all the info on the mission split. So the san bernardino mission name wont exist anymore and it is being split into the rancho cucamonga mission and the redlands mission. The rancho cucamonga mission will have Rancho, Upland, Ontario, Hesparia, Victorville, Apple Valley, and then added Chino Stake (which actually makes sense now because we have the city chino in my ward so every time i travel to visit people in chino i go into the riverside mission) then the redlands mission will have San B, Fontana, Rialto, Euciapa, Yucca valley, and redlands. And yes it does start into effect July 1st so there will actually be new mission presidents for BOTH missions cuase the godwins are done in july :) so i have mixed feelings about it all. I am happy i wont be here for all the change and i will be considered some of the last missionaries in the san b mission but i am sad they aren't keeping the san b name anymore and i feel like im old already thinking about telling people where i served my mission after i get home and saying "ya that mission doesn't exist anymore" haha but its cool that obviously the work is doing so well that they need to split it!! Its all good news and the Lord keeps hastening his work!! That's so stinkin cool about derlin taylor and kent searle becoming mission presidents!! That's exciting! They will both be great! Kent searle was a good bishop and of course brother taylor is THE MAN and nancy will be so awesome with all the missionaries. She will be a great mission mom. I love her. And mom that sounds like such an awesome and fun lesson you had in seminary! You are so great at that and teaching the kids so they are entertained but learning too. The interactive lessons are really the only ones that kids remember. Me and my comp were actually talking the other day about how both our moms are substitutes for seminary and she said that one of her teachers once did this awesome thing about teaching about the atonement. He picked one kid who is like the kid that is all cocky and a jock or whatever and asked if he could do some push ups for class that day. Well at the beginning of the class he pulled out some donuts and said he brought donuts for everyone BUT the only way they can get one is if this kid did 20 pushups for EACH student. Well for the first few kids he did great and then you could tell he started getting tired and some kids started saying "oh i don't need a donut, i'll be fine" but the teacher said ok well he still has to do 20 pushups for you even if you dont want the donut. And the poor kid just kept going through doing 20 pushups for everyone and he was like shaking and stuff. And my comp said it was so impacting and everybody was like crying and stuff. But its amazing to see how the Lord paid the price and suffered for EACH of us individually whether we choose to except the blessings of the atonement or not. pretty cool i thought. Ok so about my new comp now!!! :D :D :D Her name is sister Ott from St george. i really really like her ( i'm not just saying that but im being honest) haha but here's the BEST part!!!!!!!!!!! She is the FIRST 19 year old sister in our mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D haha i was so happy when i found out i got the 19 year sister. Cause we had heard about her back in like December or something and knew she was coming so i kept joking that i would be the one to train her well i actually did. I feel so incredibly lucky and so blessed. She is so sweet and such a happy fun person. We get along really really well! Im happy to be training cause it keeps me on my toes and staying exactly obedient. ALright well this week was kinda crazy with all the new missionaries and stuff. They're having to rearange how they do everything because they're getting more then usual so this week was really slow with appts and all but this next week will be great and i'll put this newbie to work!!! :) i love you all so much hope you have a great week! love sister amber ruth heward So with the pics. The one with me and all the sisters is a pic of all the trainers. You notice that sister winert is training her second time :) we were so excited to train together again! Then also the one of me and her with her "green"y gifts ist he first night together and i got her little greeny gifts to open. then the others is of a "greeny" dinner/party that i asked a member in the family to throw on saturday. It was so much fun.

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