Friday, January 11, 2013

Yay for Brooklyn and Caitlyn!!! :) just so you know. Loma texted me the day they were born and told me all the details and everything :). It was the best! She then showed me pics of i was so happy to see them. The wonderful perks of having family in the ward. So im really happy the twins and tori are doing good. The twins have been in my prayers the day i heard they were born. Are they doing better now. Are they home? Send me more pics every time you get them :) I personally think they look like her family more. what do you think? they also look alike but they aren't identical right? Okay so Dave's baptism is this weekend...yippee!!! we're getting really excited and anxious for it. Also transfers are coming up so this is the best way to spend my last weekend here...yes im pretty sure im getting transferred. I have been here almost 9 months and i think it's time to go haha. Also here's some good news....CORY and his boys came to church yesterday!!! :D it was so neat to see them there and it was cool for the bishop and our ward mission leader, brother ratliff and others to meet him. Im just sad i might have to leave soon so i can't keep working with him but it's all good. ALso we weren't able to meet with Ruby and mosi (the mom and daughter) last week. So hopefully this week. i'll let you know. Also the temple on wednesday with all the sisters was incredible!! oh also on Thursday it was ZLC (zone leader conference) and the sister trainers get to go because sisters are "leaders" too haha he just started doing it since i started training and its been great because i feel like an actual leader now and also learn so much at the trainings. 0h and also the best part is spending the whole day with sister winert cause she is training too. haha ALright well im sorry this isn't very long this week but i dont have much time. I have to go cause im getting my hair cut soon....just a trim. So next week i'll let you know how things go with transfers :) I love you all! Have a great week!! Give Brooklyn and Caitlyn a big hug and kiss for me! Love sister amber ruth heward

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