Tuesday, August 21, 2012

(this is a insert from Ambers mom explaining the email from Amber) One of Amber's most recent trials have been with her new companion. She is negative and difficult. ANd deals with depression She has had 6 companions in 6 months. Its been hard , She has learned a lot from this trial. Its taking her a few weeks but things are starting to turn around. I just want to mention this sister missionary specifically asked to be companions with Amber. Maybe she knew that Amber would be someone with enough patience to help her. So here is a email about where she is now with the companionship.
(Amber now has been with this companion for about 1 month ) Now i have learned My companion just needs to feel loved so im really working on that. And things this week have been GREAT!. She is really starting to loosen up & laugh & have fun so we've been doing great. I'v learned that if you have a problem with someone or just getting along with someone then look first at YOURSELF and see what you can work on and make sure you are being very christlike & are being the person you want them to be then they will (hopefully) start changing and wanting to be better too. Its weird how that works out but IT WORKS! oh & also prayers works miracles. I know Heavenly Father has had his hand in this. We need the spirit in our companionship so He has definitely made that happen. WE are learning how to work together and i could even see myself being with her another transfer which is crazy cause i didnt feel like that at first at all. I love you guys. Have a great week. Love sister Amber RUth heward

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