Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hi Everyone, i have some awesome news! WE got a 2-week missionary!!!!! SHE IS AWESOME! really she is...she's tongan so shes pretty legit. We are having so much fun with her..maybe too much. She actually was signed up by her mom so didnt really wanna do it but now she is really really glad she's here cause man we're havin a ball. She's got that ghetto black attitude but so funny. She cracks us up! We've had some pretty good talks & told her that there is hope & the atonement is real & for us to really use. She just needs to learn to forgive herself & change your life so you're not doing those wrong things anymore. She was just telling us last night how she really feels like those people who believe there is no hope for them cause they've done so much wrong but after we talked our first day she feels so much better. Its neat that we can help her. oh her name is Kalolaine Fa'anunu. OH WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!!! The Keserich family set a baptism date for September 1st! Well just Jessica (mom) logan & emily but not Luke (dad) and Jasmine (14) yet but im pretty confident they'll come along. Jasmine is a wonderful young woman but is in that stage of her life where she "wants to make decisions on her own." & she said she wants to wait till shes done with school & everything but we told her the sooner the better cause the crucial time in your life & NEED the holy ghost is when you're in high school so we told her to pray about it & she'll know if its right for her or not. And we told Luke the same thing too. Honestly i feel like Luke knows its true but is being WAYYYY more cautious and wants to think about it. But Jessica said she is ready & is doing it with or without him. He'll come along because he is friends with every man in the ward & they talk to him about the gospel in ways we cant cause they are more similiar in life. Oh also we had a baptism on Saturday with Joseph who is autistic & it was 'different' of course but so cute cause he is so funny & has such a special spirit. The spirit was very strong there & even though Joseph didnt need to be baptized you could still feel that Heavenly Father was proud of what he was doing. Its like Jesus, He is perfect & doesnt need it but he was just 'fulfilling all righteousness' :) So yeah i heard about Levi's crash. Poor kid. I told him that he is really being tested right now & that his mission is gonna turn around & he's gonna have an AWESOME comp that'll be best friends & he'll be in a bomb area where he'll have baptisms everyday. The Lord WILL bless him for his efforts. Mom be excited for Girl's camp cause its important years are cause i seriously gained my testimony there & those memories always hold a special place in my heart, so make it fun for them & know they will always remember you & the memories they made with you. Well later today we're goin to a Maveriks baseball game :D. We're goin with some members in our ward cause theres a lady in our ward, her ex husband owns the stadium so she gets free tickets. We're pretty excited. Well i better go but i put some pics on so you can see the 2-weeker & other things. Love you all! & I hope your enjoying you cereal Kyle.....Have a great week! Love , Sister Amber Heward

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