Thursday, June 21, 2012

well here is the whole we were biking to go do service and one of the other missionaries had his chain fall off his bike so i was pulling him wwith my hand. we were coming up to a hill so i told him we werent gonna make it with the momentum we had so i was gonna throw him up the hill and then bike up and keep pulling him. well when we did it, he pulled hard and i pulled hard too and i turned the tire accidentally and lost control and flew off the front. we were going pretty fast so when i tried to catch myself with my hands, my wrist folded underneath and then i smacked my chin on the road. i landed in the middle of the road so i hurry and looked back and thankfully there were no cars coming. im typing one handed by the way. so i have a pretty nice goatie now cuz i cant shave but its all good. so transfers came in yesterday and elder allred is getting transfered and im the new district leader now. my new comps name is elder clanton and hes from georgia. havent met him yet but we'll see. elder gheen is not my zone leader. hes just a regular missionary but hes probably the coolest one ive met so far. hes getting transfered too so its really sad. it was like we've known each other forever. anyways, im learning how to do things left handed now and im a little slower with about everything i do now. i cant ride a bike so we're just walking and hitching rides. anyways, well keep the prayers coming please. i really need them really bad. i have to be a leader now so we'll see how that turns out. i'll let you know how that all goes. well thank you for all that you do family. it helps me get through the multiple trials im going through. i hope you all have an amazing week. the church is true and the book is blue. Love Elder Levi Bowen Heward

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