Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hi Everyone... .the news with transfers...........We"RE BOTH STAYING!!!!! :) :) So happy. So the lesson with the Keserichs went really good. They really enjoyed the video & like i said before the family is all on board & ready to be baptized but just workin on the dad. We asked him if hes read & prayed about the BOM & he said he's read here & there but doesnt like to read it straight through....hmmm ok. He's not praying i dont think either. Its just tough cause we can say all we want but it comes down to his decision. I wish i could just make him to what i want him to do. haha oh Yeah also i think i found where that lady & daughter we met at the hot tub before my mish live. I think. I was talking to Sister Smith (the lady that moved to grandmas ward) and she actually used to house missionaries up till now since she moved & she said there is a mom & daughter who live across the street from her.....So we've try to go & meet them but havent answered. It would be pretty cool if it was them. Well gotta go but have a wonderful week! Love you ALL!!! Love Sister AMber Ruth Heward dear family,

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