Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post from Amber!

YAY! I'm a missionary! It still sounds weird to say it but for the next 18 months my name is Sister Heward & i'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to represent the Lord & His church. The 1st week has definitely been overwhelming & they wast no time on getting us going. The days go drag on & seem so long, but we heard from previous missionaries that days seem like weeks & the weeks seem like days. I can personally say that is true! I've had my good & my bad days & i'll have to say my favorite day so far is Saturday cause we got mail for the 1st time. Not to brag but i think i received the most mail in my District & i have all my wonderful friends & family to thank for that. I can't thank you all enough for the letters i reveived. THey really keep me going, & i'll admit they do make me a little teary eyed but its all good tears. Overall life in the MTC is great! Everyone is so stinking freindly & i have made so many friends for the few days i've been here. I love this gospel with all my heart & i know it to be true with out a doubt. Heavenly Father has proven that to me over & over again with the blessing i receive everyday & the many joys in my life. My family is the biggest joy to me & they're evidence to me that He rally does want me to be happy. how could i not beleive this church to be true with the joy my family gives me? I'm grateful the gospel has been restored & what we like to say here @ the MTC is "IT"S BACK!" This gospel is back & there is no way doubting that. I love you all & that you for your prayers!
-Sister Heward

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