Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So a lady in my ward who teaches seminary (who is seriously my favorite family EVER, they are like my parents on the mish & they wanna come visit the farm when i get home) anyway she asked if we would sub seminary for them!!! yikes im kinda nervous but i think it would be fun to do it. It reminded me of you mom! i think we might do it but its up to my comp too if she wants to do it. Oh so this week was Stake conf & it was AMAZING! we have a great stake president who is seriously like a prophet or something when he talks. I hope that isnt wrong to say. but it was great! oh yeah also we got transfer calls on saturday and we're both staying 6 more weeks. honestly i know its the right thing cause i have been fasting and praying that things happen the right way & yes things have really gotten better. I promise. im not just sayin that. but we're doing great! She has really changed alot and is alot easier to be around. We're actually having fun together. Yes fasting and prayers really do work. Well i gotta go but have a great week and i love you all!!! -sister heward

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